How to do yoga at home: the guide for beginners

How to do yoga at home: the guide for beginners

Have you just started practising in class and now would you like to start doing yoga at home ? Do you want to start your own practice safely and without hurting yourself?

The truth is that doing yoga at home is of fundamental importance to improve your practice and if you don’t start practicing daily, it will take you much longer to see good results.

Going to class every week is very important to understand how to do the asanas correctly, how to build sequences and know what mistakes to avoid so as not to get hurt, but it is even more important to start the practice at home .

In this article from a tutto Yoga you will find why do it , how to start in the best way, how to turn your practice into a habit and a general sequence to follow and change as you like.

Good reading and good practice at home 😉

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1 Why start doing yoga at home
2 How to start correctly
3 How to make your practice at home a wonderful habit
4 Practicing at home: a general sequence and tips to follow
Why start doing yoga at home
tips for starting yoga at home

When I started doing yoga to tell you the truth, I never thought I’d be done opening the mat every day. Initially you are afraid of getting hurt, of running positions incorrectly, you don’t know what kind of sequence to practice and so you end up not doing it.

In truth they are just excuses that the mind trims us. With time, however, you must overcome these little fears, doubts and insecurities and find ways to start

Here are the main reasons and benefits for which you should do it:

1. To know us better
It’s just the personal practice that lets you feel your body, practice at your own pace, how long you want and relax in the asanas. Initially it is not easy, but being self-taught allows you to develop a profound knowledge of yourself and this is the very basis that will allow you to improve your practice and life in general .

2. To help yourself
For example, I started doing yoga for back pain , but others start with the most diverse problems. Whatever your reason, if you just do yoga in the classroom only occasionally, it will take you much longer to feel better.

The practice of yoga at home is a real help you are giving yourself daily to improve your life and experience the profound benefits of yoga .

3. To see more improvements and in less time
Practicing at home daily allows both the body and the mind to get used to everything you are doing much faster. To the new yoga positions, to the new efforts and to the new difficulties you are facing.

When you practice every day, the effects of each session don’t even have time to disappear and therefore the improvements are incredible.

It is important to start doing yoga at home but also just as important to do it properly , otherwise you risk getting into the habit of doing the wrong practice and continuing to make the same mistakes for too long.

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