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What is Freakonomics, anyway?

It’s a book we wrote back in 2005. It exceeded our expectations by a factor of about 100, which is why we are still here, carrying on the conversation on our blog and elsewhere.

Besides the U.S., where has Freakonomics been published?

In a lot of countries and a lot of languages. You can see a gallery of international covers here, including a Chinese version whose title, we are told, is Devil’s Economics. The book has sold about 3 million copies worldwide.

Did the book win any awards?

Yes, including these.

Does everyone like the book?

Not by a long shot. Here is an early catalog of people who hate Freakonomics. In the U.S. alone, there are probably enough Freakonomics haters to fill up the Rose Bowl. Which is why you’ll never find us walking past the Rose Bowl without an armed guard, at least not at night.

Can I get an autographed copy?

Well, yes and no. It’s not practical for us to sign your actual book (unless we happen to run into you at the mall and you happen to be carrying your copy), but we’ve come up with a workable solution: the signed bookplate.

What are you guys up to now?

We are working, slowly but surely, on our next book, SuperFreakonomics. In the meantime, we write a column for the N.Y. Times Magazine and maintain a blog on the N.Y. Times site as well. You may also run across us on TV and the radio. We may someday make our own TV show, and there are a variety of other projects: a fact-a-day calendar, for instance, and a board game and a feature-length documentary. The best way to keep up is to read the “Naked Self-Promotion” box on our blog.

How do I contact you guys, or your lecture agent, or the book publicist?

All that information can be found right here.

Do you read all the e-mails that people send you?

Yes. But do we answer them all? Unfortunately, no, although we do the best we can. Sometimes we also post interesting correspondence on the blog.

What’s the story with the Revised and Expanded edition?

The book was originally published in April 2005. Since it was still selling in hardcover a year later, we decided to issue a new edition that corrected some mistakes and added a bunch of more current material. You can read about the changes here.

What other economics books should I read?

Here’s a list we put together. It’s not remotely definitive, but is still pretty worthwhile.

Do you have anything else to add?

Apparently not. But we are open to suggestions.

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